Thursday, December 15, 2005

Did you just say 'Job Satisfaction' ?

Often hear from friends and colleagues about lack of Job Satisfaction and Motivation. Most of the folks aged between 20 and 30 (especially girl/boy friend-less bachelors !) sound out that their job is very mundane. Well, evey job for that matter gets mundane after the dust settles. Think about the Operator on an Elevator (I tried hard to come up with factors that can be deemed 'Motivation' , but in vain). His/her job is outright mundane.

Itz up2 us to get around this and derive motivation (it is easy when you have beautiful girls around you !) out of our jobs.


Blogger Arun said...

u r correct in your final words. but still...

motivation & enthusiasm are different although you need enthusiasm to be motivated. if boys have beautiful girl friends and vice-versa, they might have higher level of enthusiasm compared to others. but this doesn't mean that they can be motivated. and you need not be less enthusiastic because you don't have friends of opposite sex.

Mon Dec 26, 12:19:00 PM 2005  

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