Tuesday, May 01, 2012

3 - A review

The very fact that tickets were available on a Saturday night in Coimbatore's premier multiplex-of-sorts set the bar low enough (exacerbated by the fact that OK OK was running to packed houses).

I am a fan and anything I say about his performance will sound jaundiced.

If you thought Genetic memory and reactivation sounded far-fetched, look no further for evidence. Sruthi seems to have done just that. Wow! What an improved performance over 7th Arivu. The fallen apple is slowly rolling back towards the tree. Quite a decent performance as a schoolgirl, she really turns it on in the last half hour (and so does Dhanush!). Like the Dr., she does excel at crying scenes :)

Shiva K
Not enough screen-space. A few jokes tickle you, but a few get drowned by the BGM

The irony is that Kolaveri is the song that I least listen to. Haunting songs and BGM, esp. the last few scenes. Not very often do you come across songs that makes you break the Fourth wall and become a character in the movie itself. Po Nee Po is running non-stop at home now!

In some places, the dialogues get drowned by the BGM. (I saw this happening in Chennai 28).  

Though his songs have the Yuvan feel, his next release is something I will definitely watch out for.

Fame was thy enemy! Such a pathetic attempt at picturising the song-of-the-year. Nauseatingly contrived and unpardonable! Very disappointing.

I was thinking the movie should have been called '1......2.....' instead of 3. Very sluggish screen-play in the first half, a bit like VTV. I cant help wonder how Virender Sehwag would have felt watching this movie!

Despite the lack of acceleration in the first half, the direction and performances in the last half hour were remarkable. I especially liked the camera angles, colors and scene-cuts in the apartment. In particualr, I loved the interwoven scene sequence where Danush attempts suicide and Sruthi uses his gestures to react to the narration. Very creative!

I recently discovered that Aish was Selvaraghavan's assistant director. Well, it shows. To attempt such a story as a debutante is commendable. Ironically, she would have pulled it off, had it not been for Kolaveri's 15-minutes of fame. That set the mood eons before the movie released. That the movie wasn't in the Vikaman mould definitely threw people off.

Overall, you will find the movie a good watch if you give up the Kolaveri and

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