Sunday, April 04, 2010

PHOEM - Thought train

I realized it will soon be 2 years since I blogged. Restarting by recycling!

The picture from different mindsets. ...

Theory of relativity
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Thought 1

They are all racing,

yes, they are,

my colleagues, my parents, my friends ..

knowing not that it is a rat-race,

... and when I stop by to hear the birds chirp , they call me 'mentally-retarded' !

Thought 2

I knew I was handsome,

I was, until today

I knew I was brilliant,

I was, until today

I thought I was incomparable,

I was, until today

And when she walks away without a word,

the letter in her hand,

the love in my heart,

I only realize that I was never !

Thought 3

I wish time would fly back and take me to that moment I made that fateful mistake ....



Blogger Nirek said...

Hey Da,
Poem nalla keethuda! ;)
Howz life there?

Mon Nov 21, 11:45:00 PM 2005  
Blogger Jayan said...

Goin on pretty well da. How is yours ? Thanks for the compliment :)

Tue Nov 22, 11:36:00 AM 2005  
Blogger death said...

Love is black. And is pain. You're safer in your mother's lap than in the arms of the one you think you love.

Tue Nov 22, 06:14:00 PM 2005  
Blogger Jayan said...

@Death : Sounds like words of experience ! Your comment is definitely open to debate, but I somewhat agree with you too :)

Tue Nov 22, 06:54:00 PM 2005  
Blogger Nirek said...

Perfectly said Mr.Death!
love for a gal is not deep search in our soul! that love is not worth human efforts!

Tue Nov 22, 11:55:00 PM 2005  
Blogger death said...

hee hee :)

Wed Nov 23, 10:59:00 AM 2005  
Blogger sahana said...

a nice train there...!

Fri Jan 13, 11:35:00 PM 2006  
Blogger Captain Flint said...

Oh well, it was probably safer never to have been born..

And yes, nothing is worth nothing, even the worst of things leave you with something - an experience or a wee bit of wisdom.

Sun Apr 04, 10:23:00 PM 2010  
Blogger Redi said...

you say its a mistake and you want to fly back in time. And I assume you don't want to go back just to watch it happen all over again but instead change it. If you want to change it, do you regret it? If you regret it, did it cause harm to anyone else? How do you want their future to change? Sari vidu, thooka kalakatula neraya kelvi kaekren!

Fri Apr 15, 09:00:00 AM 2011  

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