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One of the worst cine news columns I have read. Today's writers seem to be deep-sixing grammar. A few buzz-words, a few adjectives and a few technical ones later, you become the most happening writer on the block.

Pick up a copy of ToI or Hindu (can't believe!) for the game of the day : Spot the goof-ups. You'll really have the time of your life.

I can spot at least 5 mistakes in these few lines of junk.

Veteran singer and cabaret queen Asha Bhonsle is seen red these days. Earlier this year she was caught fuming with anger at Himesh Reshammiya’s unwelcoming statement that R.D Burman had a nasal tone. She was so enraged by the statement that she went ahead to state that Himesh should be tightly slapped for giving out such audacious statements.

Their relation seemed to heal when Asha agreed to croon for Himesh’s ‘Aap Ka Suroor’. But Asha is hardly pleased with the upshot.

The angry muse was heard saying, “I sang something and it turned out to be something else completely. These days you can play around so much because it’s all digital. When the album released then I got to know how they changed the whole song.” She also stated that it has become very tricky to keep faith on music composers and filmmakers these days.

Talking about the ongoing musical scene, Asha further states, “I sang one song for RGV. Later on I realized that they used only my aalap. These days you cant trust anyone. I think I should ask everyone to give me in writing how they're going to use my voice.”

Contemplating on the plight of musical world, the singer is planning to go the legal way soon.

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Blogger Shuuro said...

seems to be busy with life! ;)

Tue Apr 15, 08:01:00 PM 2008  
Blogger workhard said...

Well if it works for them then who we to complain. Then again, we should....

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Sat Mar 14, 11:21:00 PM 2009  
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