Monday, July 24, 2006

Tips for a dream house

Building that dream house of yours ?? Here are a few ideas that might come handy.

Fly ash — cheap, eco-friendly

If you propose to build a house, you may consider using fly eco-friendly ash bricks and save upto seven to eight per cent of the building cost. An average house of 10 squares will need approximately 22,000 clay bricks (conventional) of 230mm x75mm x100mm size. If fly ash bricks are used, you will need only 2750 of them. They come in sizes 400mm x 200mm x 150mm.
One such fly ash brick can replace eight clay bricks. A clay brick costs Rs. 4 and one fly ash block cost Rs. 15 (whereas eight bricks cost you Rs. 32). Thus, you can save more than half of your budget for bricks.

Flashy glass designs

Bored with your old plain glass windows and doors? Try out these exciting new glass doors and windows with the designs of your choice.
Plain window glasses are now being wearing a new look with a colourful spray on them. The glasses are scientifically designed by a process called plain etching and silicon blast. "Customers can choose from any variety of paintings, graphics and designs to make their windows and doors colourful," says L. Manjunath, who has been designing glasses for 20 years now.
Any ordinary clear glass is converted into a stained glass with customised designs or fixed patterns. The part where there is no design is masked with other designs and this will make the designed glass look wonderful, he says.


Blogger Nirek said...

Hi jayan...
good to see ur interests shifting to real estate side from equities!
how was ur stock market experience in the last roller coaster ride...
write abt it da!

Wed Jul 26, 09:30:00 AM 2006  
Blogger Srini said...

Interesting Sai. Thatz good info that can come handy to me a few years down the line :)

Tue Aug 01, 07:44:00 AM 2006  
Blogger Jayan said...

@Satu : Blood bath !! Still reeling under pressure :(

@Srini : R u back?

Tue Aug 01, 01:13:00 PM 2006  

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