Friday, June 10, 2005

KBC - Right or Wrong

The Ad on TV for KBC - Season 2 sparked a debate among my roomates. V , whose punch-line is "Known is an Ocean, Unknown is a Drop" picked up the gauntlet and started firing at the TV show's producers for misleading youth.

I wanted to argue, but I had just returned from a 'year-long day' of work. The sweetest thing was to play possum and enjoy my rommates ribbing each another.

V's argument was that with it's provocative prize money, KBC was just a lottery that was seducing the youth into falling back on Luck rather than work for their rewards. Most people waste a lot of time in trying to get a shot at KBC ignoring their daily life. He also pointed out that it was a zero-sum game that only makes people greedy.

M's retort was that it was an opportunity where you had nothing to lose and everything to gain. You cannot win the game on luck alone, he said. It needed you to be conversant with the current-affairs and ramp up on your GK. It was no different from any other Quiz competion or game-show where the winner laughs his way to the bank.

I had to agree. Many other TV shows do the same. The only reason that KBC 2 had fallen into V's radar was because of the bedazzling 2 Crore prize money.


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