Friday, June 10, 2005

Coimbatore - A nice article

I read this article and decided that it was my turn to be haughty. We Coimbatoreans have been trying to put the same points across the table for a long time. Our city is arguably the best.
Many a times have we been ridiculed by the Chennaites, but we know better.

Some of the things that I like best about Coimbatore

1. Siruvani Water : The unbeatable taste of potable Siruvani water. No other city can hold a candle to Coimbatore in this regard. Siruvani water is naturally sweet and very tasty. I would go as far as to compare it with ambrosia. The degree of hardness (namma ooru baashayila .... salt content :)) is very less, which makes bathing a pleasure (I wonder why the guys at the hostel never used to bathe !!)

2. The affable Coimbatoreans : (We all know how the Chennaites are when it comes to friendliness and respect). I have heard umpteen non-Coimbatoreans going ga-ga over the hospitality shown by the natives. People are always helpful. No wonder it is called the City of Hospitality.

3. An equable climate : Itz a case of Neighbor's Envy .. Owner's Pride. The proximity to the hill stations of Ooty is the reason for this

4. Feel @ home : You will never feel alienated in this city of ours. It is somehow a very close-knit (pun intended) city. Safe and secure even after dark. You will have to feel it to understand/believe it.

5. Witty Professors : Wit is second nature to most Coimbatoreans. Lollu, Kusumbu, Nakkal, Egathhaalam, Nayyaandi ... these are some flavors of the omniscient wit found in the natives !!

6. The Lingo : Well, we have our own lingua franca ... our own dialect of the Thamizh (Tamil) language. Itz called Kongu Thamizh. Most outsiders find it difficult to follow a conversation between natives on their first attempt. This dialect/accent combined with wit is a perfect recipe for enthrallment. We'll have you zapped !!

The only caveat that Coimbatore comes with is the non-existent nightlife. With the IT sector now blazing a trial into this Tier 2 city, better things are just around the corner.

I found this review on Coimbatore quite interesting and informative. Check it out.


Blogger Jax said...

All we can do is hope and pray that it becomes the next hottest destination.

Wed Jan 05, 03:26:00 PM 2005  

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