Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Yeh Dil Maange NO more

Indian cricket keeps finding new levels to stoop down. abysmal performance is the most politically polite phrase I can muster up to describe the Indian team's performance in the just-concluded Indo-Pak series.
I was expecting the last ODI to be a draw because the straw in the wind (from the beginning of the series) indicated that it was a pre-planned (some call it Fixing !!) U win-I win series. I was left bamboozled by the Great Indian Procession that begun when Sehwag got busy practicing slip-catching with Afr(a)idi.
That was the last straw. It is time that we Indians think about other sports like basketball, hockey et al. The lesser the craze for cricket, the better.

Had diligently bought a basketball a couple of months ago hoping to cajole my roommates into moving away from cricket. But I was not able to charm them into playing basketball. They always fall for cricket - lock, stock and barrel. Wonder when this will change.

Just to leave you thinking ...

Overheard a conversation between 2 disheartened cricket buffs

When the Indians win, they get only once payment (from the Cricket Board)
When they lose, they get paid by the Cricket Board ALSO

I personally feel that no match fixing was involved in the last game .. It was just BASIC INSTINCT that ruled the roost.

P.S : Just as I was doing a spell-check on this blog entry, the spell-check popped up for the word 'Sehwag'. Guess what was the replcament that it suggested :) SEWAGE


Blogger Redi said...

you know what it suggests for 'Sourav' ? Soured !!

Sat Apr 23, 12:21:00 PM 2005  

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