Monday, November 22, 2004

Karate Kid 3

My first day at the Dojo today. Was taught a few warm-up exercises and a few kick and punch moves. Was totally enervated and famished at the end of it. My stamina level is deep down south , the instuctor (oops ! ... sensei is how he is addressed in Karate parlance) tells me. I was consorted by my roomie. True, we looked like bulls in a China shop. Hope we get better by the day.

There was also this interesting Japanese Counting in Karate.

The number that I like the most in Japanese is 10 (Ju) coz that is the count at which we are allowed to rest after each kick/punch exercise. I just love it to hear 'Ju' from Sensei. In the last set, I gave up before the Sensei reaches 6 (Roku) !!

Herez the Glossary


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