Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Wonder Years

Itz Diwali time again and I am filled with a nostalgic feeling of those Wonder Years from my past. Diwali meant holidays , sweets, family gatherings, crackers (my folks still think I am a sissy when it comes to crackers) and new dresses. Dad and Mom used to take my brother and me to the "readymade showrooms". The one that still strikes a chord is the Jack and Jill showroom in R.S.Puram. Dad used to get identical clothes for my brother and me. We would then have dinner at some restaurant (I used to call it 'hotel' until I came across the word 'restaurant' when I was in my 10th grade : 0) ).
I can't but wonder at the degree of change. Diwali today means runing from pillar to post for the train ticket, an excuse for shopping, watching TV and a family gathering (Thank God, that still holds !!).


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