Monday, June 21, 2004

Virumandi - lyrics of the song "Unnavida intha ulagathil..."

un kooda naan koodi irundhida
enakku jenmam onnu poadhuma
nooRu jenmam vaeNum kaetkuRaen saamiyae

nooRu jenmam namakku poadhuma
vaeRa varam yaedhum kaetpoama?
saagaa varam kaetpoam andha saamiya andha saamiya

Beautiful and romantic....

For those who dont understand Tamil, the lyrics are explained as follows:
The girl prays God for 100 janmas (births) to be with him..
... and the guy prays just for a single life - without death.

I was just captivated by the lyrics and i was amazed at the thought patterns of the lyricist...


Blogger Srini said...

I guess only folks who are in the circle of love will go the extra mile in appreciation and enjoying the lyrics! -So whoze the gal? ;)

Mon Aug 09, 11:04:00 AM 2004  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i heard that these lines meant for two legends in Tamil cinema. kamal hassan and Illaya Raja.. they praising each other..

Tue Feb 28, 12:27:00 PM 2012  

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