Friday, June 17, 2005

Mythology and Science

I am doing some research on the hidden knowledge transfered to us through countless mythological stories. I was amazed to find the co-incidences and hence decided to get down to the details. Here is a preview.

Watch this space for a more detailled analysis.

Mythology : The Sun God in Hindu Mythology (Surya Baghavan) rides a charriot driven by 7 horses.
Science : Do the 7 colors of the rainbow (VIBGYOR) strike a chord ?

Mythology : The Nava Grahas (9 planets) are potrayed in a square formation having the Sun God in the centre of the cube formed.
Science : Helio-Centric Theroy of the Solar System

Mythology : The Nava Grahas (9 planets) never face each other. This alludes to the fact that their paths/orbits are different from each other.
Science : Concentric arrangement of the planets in the solar system

Mythology : The toughest part of ones life happens during the '7.5 years of Lord Shani (Saturn)'.
Science : The closest distance between Earth and Saturn is 8 AU.

Science : The Constellation called CRUX

Mythology : Dasavatara (10 Holy Incarnations of Lord Vishnu)
Science : Darwin's Theory of Evolution

I found a lot of informative articles in this site. Check it out.


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