Monday, July 04, 2005

Anniyan - Take 2

Frustrated with the heat, I got into a A/C multiplex hall in Madurai. The options I had were
1. Arindhum Ariyamalum (Already seen that flick)
2. Ullam Ketkume (NO more)
3. Anniyan

The choice was easy. Stepped in to watch Anniyan for the second time.

After giving it a 4/10 the first time, I was surpised at how much I liked the movie the second time around. At the end, I thought it was a brilliant movie. Some observations ...

1. Vikram spells Victory. Now that Kamal Hassan's heydays are nearing an end, Vikram is the only one capable of carrying the baton. There isn't anyone (Hero) else in the Tamil industry who will be able to break away from the stereotypes and deliver such different roles. Vijay,who in my view, is nothing more than a Rajinikanth in the making, will never be able to cater to the class audience. Ajith ... well, he is far behind in the race. Madhavan and the young brigade - Simbu, Dhanush, Bharath are just finding their feet in the industry.

Vikram histrionic talents were clearly visible in the movie. Once more ace from him. I noticed the well-oiled body language and dialogue-delivery of the 'Rules Ramanujam alias Ambi' character. Most brahmins would agree that he has done a good job of potraying the character.

The R.E.M.O character not to my liking though. The 'Anniyan' character was probably the flavor of the month. I felt that the voice-modulation was too similar to Kamal Hassan's in Indian.

2. Art : Now that I knew the story, I looked for better things in the movie the second time around. The creative 'sets' in the 'Randaka Randaka' song was too good. Roads painted to resemble silk sarees, lorries painted like faces, etc.

3. Climax - A good punch !! Most would have expected the ending though !

I guess the 'Ambi' in me saw the movie the first time. It was more of REMO the second time :)


Blogger Jax said...

>>>The R.E.M.O character not to my liking though
Yet, you end with comparing yourself with him at the end?

What about Surya? You decided he is a league of his own:-)

Mon Jul 04, 06:16:00 PM 2005  
Blogger Jayan said...

Oops, sorry for forgetting him . He is definitely one of the talents to look out for !

Mon Jul 04, 06:21:00 PM 2005  

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