Friday, July 01, 2005

Double Promotion

Kyokushin Karate
Originally uploaded by Idol.

I had my Karate Grading Sunday last. Being my first, it was a daunting task in itself. First up, we (WHITE belts) were told that we would need to engage in combats with the Brown and Black belts. That sent shivers down our spines though we tried to put up a brave face.

The grading turned out to be relatively simple for us. The color belts had it tough. It was an enervating session. We were left panting as the session inched towards closure. Just when we were basking in the glory of what we were about to achieve , IT happened. The combats began !!

To make things worse, the first combat was between 2 black belts. It totally shook us up. The combat was brutual ! I thought Karate was an art :) until then.

Well, I volunteered to fight since I wanted to feel the real thing ! I ended up fighting a brown belt. He welcomed me with a couple of swift face-kicks that sent me reeling. In the end, I returned to my camp with a battered jaw and swollen ankle. But I managed to scale down the FEAR Factor a bit :)

Allz well that ends well ...

The results came out a couple of days back. I got a double promotion :). I am now a WHITE SENIOR B-)

P.S : The results came out on Tuesday, but I was waiting to get this photo (Kyokushin symbol) uploaded.


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