Monday, January 24, 2005

The Star and Buc Wild controversy

I couldn't believe it when I heard this audio clip. On my first take, I thought this was some kind of Parthian Shaft. But it turned out that the Radio Jockey had really called up this call center in India. This is a disgraceful act. This will definitely taint the image of the US. I agree that stronger action has to be taken against these RJs.

Read the article here.

Here is the text version of the conversation

Narrator: Wakeup with Star and Buc Wild in the mornings of Power 99 FM.
Star: I'm going to play this call from earlier before we get out of here. This is the, uh, call that I made to - I thought it was a company here locally. Not that I was surprised. (laughter)
Star: I saw this infomercial about, uh, what are these things called again? Oh, the, uh...
Female Voice: Bead? Oh shoot.
Star: Anyway, let - let's just play the call. I was surprised when I got somebody on the line in East India. These little beads that I saw. Little white kids, uh, a little machine that puts them in their hair.
Female Voice: Mm'hm. Star: Play it. (tape begins)
Steena: This is Steena. How may I help you?
Star: Hi, Stain-a, you say?
Steena: Yes.
Star: (In fake Indian accent) Yeah, I called and I just got hung up on. I'm calling from America about the quick beads for my daughter's, uh, hair. Quick beads.
Steena: Okay. May I have your ZIP code please?
Star: 10274.
Steena: 10274?
Star: Yes. Get it right. Now are you in India? Because I just spoke to someone in India who hung up on me.
Steena: Thank you. I am from India, ma'am.
Star: Okay. So my call is being outsourced to India.
Steena: That's right.
Star: In... in regards to my six year old, white American daughter who wants to get the quick beads like Serena and Venus Williams.
Steena: Now. I'll definitely place an order for that. See... tar: What's that?
Steena: the ad, she called to place a quick bead of counier. To ensure proper handling...
Star: Ma'am, I don't know what the hell you're saying. Hang on a second. Let me try and get something straight here. The quick beads, like Venus and Serena Williams, that to advertise to -- to the white kids on television. This call has been outsourced to India?
Steena: That's right. Star: Well, ma'am, what the eff would you know about an American white girl's -- uh, uh -- hair? And quick beads.
Steena: Just to inform you, ma'am, we're a national chain services company. And we're just taking calls on the opposite...
Star: Listen, b**ch! Don't get slick with the mouth! Don't you get slick with me, b**ch!
Steena: Now if you continue to speak this language, I will disconnect the call.
Star: Listen to me, you dirty rat eater. I'll come out there and choke the eff out of you. (laughter)
Star: You're a filthy rat eater. I'm calling about my American six year old white girl. How dare you outsource my call? Get off the line, b**ch! (laughter, end of tape)
Star: Pull it up. (laughter) Star: Heard they listen well out there.


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