Friday, August 26, 2005

Blogs that have caught my eye of late

Shuuros - Very informative and a lot of useful links. Guy seems to be quite patient. Posts are usually detailed.

Sakshis - Another Monu in the making. She posts atleast 5 entries a day (some days, that is an understatement). Note that many of her posts are daring (to the orthodox folks). True-to-the-word Mumbai gal.

Divyas - Just a few posts old, but has a rapidly increasing hit counter. Her last post (it has been some time since she posted this) still generates comments !!! I hate that :)

Rams - This guy too seems to have tonnes of patience. Many movie-related posts along with the other informative ones. Like his blog layout.

Arzans - 6 detailed posts on 25th alone. Shows how addicitve this guy is to the blogging world.


Blogger Sakshi said...

Thanks boss....DARING...hmmmmmm.

Fri Aug 26, 05:00:00 PM 2005  
Anonymous arZan said...

Thanks Jayan...its funny that Sepia Mutiny also makes a similar observation on the same day as you. Ive blogged it here

As re: the six posts on 25th, a couple were on the backburner for a little bit and all got posted on the same day...but i get ya point !!

Fri Aug 26, 09:30:00 PM 2005  
Blogger Shuuro said...

Thanks for your kind words!

Sun Aug 28, 11:55:00 AM 2005  
Blogger Ram.C said...

thanks jayan... for highlighting mine..

Mon Aug 29, 01:31:00 PM 2005  
Blogger Jayan said...

Welcome guys !

Tue Aug 30, 10:36:00 AM 2005  

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